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About the Fund

The Christopher C. Hickey Caddie Fund was established in 2016 to honor the memory and legacy of Chris Hickey. In partnership with the WGA Caddie Scholarship Fund, the Fund was established to provide educational scholarships to deserving young men and women throughout Fairfield and Westchester Counties who work in the golf industry and are attending a four year college.  


To everyone who knew Chris the following description is not “new news” and for those who have only recently found this organization here is a glimpse of who Chris was, his essence and spirit…. and why we chose to honor him in this manner.


Chris grew up a loving son and twin brother (Greg) who loved all sports but he and Greg had a PASSION for golf and both were regular caddies at Woodway CC for many years- hustling loops for college books and perhaps some beer money along the way. This hard work also allowed him the opportunity to receive a Caddie Scholarship from the generous membership at Woodway CC. 


After college, Chris found the love of his life Pam and they built a life and raised a family in Bethesda, MD with their three girls-Mackenzie, Kyra and Addison. They are members of Bethesda CC where Chris was President of Men’s Golf Committee.


Chris always had a charming and disarming smile, a twinkle in his eye and warm embrace, hello or hug. He always wanted to be your best friend and did so many things for all who surrounded him over the years. These are only a few of the reasons Pam, the girls and all of us adored Chris. He did all this with a zest for life, much laughter and always having A LOT of fun along the way.


So while this CCH Fund community misses Chris every day, we feel an obligation to recognize him, celebrate his amazing life, help young men and women, and have a little fun on the golf course along the way……….That’s what Chris would want.

Thanks so much,
Scott Van Houten, Hyatt Choate, David Hickey and Greg Hickey

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